Phyt Lab was founded by a former elite athlete, Amanda Bodette, who holds an extensive list of certifications in several arenas of the fitness and food industry. As a Personal Trainer, Bodette was discouraged to find that many clients had previously fell victim to false information and advertising within the fitness industry, including that of trendy diets and health hazardous products. In an attempt to bring about truth and nutritional awareness, Bodette has founded “Phyt Lab” to provide high quality foods from ethically sourced ingredients not only to clients but to the general public as well. Phyt Lab offers free consultations to clients and affordable custom nutrition coaching and training programs.  At Phyt Lab we aim to empower people to live healthier lives through food, fitness and mindset.  We believe healthy food consumption is a lifestyle not a diet and we can make consistent healthy eating a reality for you!

The personalized programs are carefully crafted to the needs of each individual rather than a standard one size fits all program.  We believe that each individual is different and in order to be successful specific attention should be given to each individual’s needs and circumstances, rather than a one size fits all program.  Many individuals fail to reach their true potential in life and in fitness due to mindset approach.  Let us help you establish a healthy relationship with food and support/guide you down a path of positive life changing mindset transformation.

The founder, Amanda Bodette, holds current certifications as a Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition Coach and a Rhode Island Department of Health Serve Safe certification.  In addition, Bodette has an extensive background as an elite athlete.

PhytLabs Certifications